QA Team Lead (ILAG Startups&Finance)

  1. Краткое описание вакансии

    An international online project in collaboration with Netpeak invites to cooperation QA Team Lead which will determine the strategy and approach of QA for all products of the company and will ultimately be responsible for ensuring product quality.

  2. Основные требования к будущему сотруднику на этой позиции:

    1. Профессиональные знания и навыки.

      1. Experience in software development/testing (in embedded mobile and web is desired).
      2. Experience with all types of tests and test planning, test case development and test execution.
      3. Deep understanding software development lifecycle (SFDL), quality assurance approaches.
      4. Excellent knowledge of bug life cycle.
      5. Familiar with continuous integration (Jenkins) and source control systems such as git/github.
      6. Good knowledge of QA process in an Agile development process.
      7. Understanding of FURPS+ model.
      8. Understanding of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Chrome/Firefox/IE Dev Tools.
      9. Understanding of cache/hash/ssl/REST/XML/SOAP/HTTP protocol/proxy without Googling.
    2. Личные качества.

      1. Eager and Willing to Add to Their Knowledge Base and Skills.
      2. Ability to Work in Harmony with Co-Workers.
      3. Dependable.
      4. Critical Thinking.
      5. Leadership.
      6. Logical thinking.
      7. Problem-Solving Skills.
    3. Будет плюсом.

      ISTQB certificates & be ready to combine manual + automating testing (50/50).

  3. Функциональные обязанности.

    1. Establishing QA processes.
    2. Analyzing requirements.
    3. Writing and maintaining documentation.
    4. Estimating, prioritizing, planning quality testing activities.
    5. Ensure that the acceptance criteria for user stories are testable.
    6. Recommend improvements and assist in changes to best practice for agile software testing.
    7. Team Management of manual QA engineer.
  4. Что мы предлагаем сотруднику на данной должности?

    1. Convenient schedule for early birds, owls and undecided: from 9-10 to 18-19.
    2. Office in the center of the city.     
    3. The possibility of self-improvement experience and support of our employees, assistance in professional adaptation and training guidance throughout the probationary period.
    4. Corporate events and entertainment.
    5. Wage-rate will depend on the interview results.
  5. Зачем работает наш «QA Team Lead»?

    To determine the strategy and approach of QA for all products of the company and will ultimately be responsible for ensuring product quality.

  6. Критерии, по которым будут оцениваться результаты работы данного специалиста.

    1. Meeting the deadlines for each task given.
    2. Absence of bugs in production.
  7. Наличие командировок и их процент от рабочего времени.

    Not provided.

  8. Соотношение работы в офисе, встреч с клиентами.

    Office work - 100%.

  9. Что есть плохого в работе на данной должности?

    50% of the work may be considered routine, but requires great concentration.

  10. Место специалиста в структуре компании:

    1. Отдел, в котором будет работать специалист.

      Researching and development department.

    2. Количество сотрудников в отделе.

      10 +

    3. Кому подчиняется данный сотрудник.

      Project Manager of R&D department.

    4. Предполагается ли наличие подчиненных, их количество.


    5. Предполагаемый карьерный рост на этой позиции.

      Not provided.

  11. Условия работы:

    1. Продолжительность испытательного срока.

      The probationary period (2 months) is payable.

    2. Наличие премий.

      Not provided.

  12. Что сделать, чтобы работать на позиции «QA Team Lead»?

    1. Fill out the questionnaire.
    2. Do the test task.
    3. Pass interviews.
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