Turkish Speaking SMM Specialist (ILAG Startups&Finance)

  1. Краткое описание вакансии

    An international project in collaboration with internet marketing agency Netpeak is hiring employees for social media management team. We are looking for a SMM-specialist with with excellent Turkish language knowledge or native speaker, who will support the project on social media, forums, discussion boards and other related websites on Turkish market.

  2. Основные требования к будущему сотруднику на этой позиции:

    1. Профессиональные знания и навыки.

      Regardless of your mindset, to successfully do this job you will need to have certain skills:

      1. Ability to express your thoughts logically and correctly in written form.
      2. Understanding of basic principles of social media networks and online forums.
    2. Личные качества.

      Personal skills:

      1. Positive attitude and open-minded.
      2. Fast learning skills.
      3. Tenacity and self-direction.
      4. High work standards with a desire to do a good job for its own sake.
    3. Кто не пройдет конкурс на данную вакансию?

      1. Unable to work in a systematic way.
      2. Not willing to get new skills and knowledge.
    4. Будет плюсом.

      Knowledge of Russian language will be a plus.

  3. Функциональные обязанности.


    1. Analysing current news and events in relevant topics.
    2. Supporting company’s positive image on social networks and other resources (writing positive comments, responding to negative statements).
    3. Managing Facebook, Twitter and other social network accounts (posting / reposting and sharing, gaining followers).
  4. Что мы предлагаем сотруднику на данной должности?

    Opportunities & Perspectives:

    1. Acquire and expand your knowledge in internet marketing, learn things they won’t teach you at the university.
    2. Learn how innovations are brought to life in the Silicon Valley, how companies become public, and who makes money in the process.
    3. Depending on your progress you may be offered a full time job at the company that runs the project. Most prominent positions are: Social Media Team Lead, Project Brand Manager.

    Become a skillful internet marketer and social media manager if you are willing to learn and develop your skills.


    1. Wage-rate will depend on the interview results.
    2. Salary + bonuses for achieving KPI.
  5. Зачем работает наш «Turkish Speaking SMM Specialist»?

    To create and develop accounts that are used to create a positive image of the client company.To create and develop accounts that are used to create a positive image of the client company.

  6. Критерии, по которым будут оцениваться результаты работы данного специалиста.

    Bonuses depend on KPI's, which include:

    1. High user engagement in relevant forum threads.
    2. Comments engaging users to participate in active discussions.
    3. Receipt of privileges on the forum.
    4. Increase interaction with audience.
    5. Stable account management.
  7. Наличие командировок и их процент от рабочего времени.

    Not provided.

  8. Соотношение работы в офисе, встреч с клиентами.

    Working at the office – 100% or remote job.

  9. Что есть плохого в работе на данной должности?

    Monotone work. Some tasks can be routine.

  10. Место специалиста в структуре компании:

    1. Отдел, в котором будет работать специалист.

      Online Reputation Department.

    2. Количество сотрудников в отделе.


    3. Кому подчиняется данный сотрудник.

      Team Lead.

    4. Предполагается ли наличие подчиненных, их количество.


    5. Предполагаемый карьерный рост на этой позиции.

      Chief Marketing Officer of ORM.

  11. Условия работы:

    1. Продолжительность испытательного срока.

      Probation period lasts 2-3 months and includes salary.

    2. Наличие премий.

      Benefit sistem.

  12. Что сделать, чтобы работать на позиции «Turkish Speaking SMM Specialist»?

    To join the team please fill out the questionnaire, do the test task and pass interviews.

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